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Welcome to CareerSite.blog, where your career site becomes a gateway to top talent.

As an employer, you recognize the significance of attracting exceptional candidates by showcasing your company's unique employer brand and delivering an engaging candidate experience. At Adverto Inc, we understand the importance of career sites and their impact on your talent acquisition strategy. While there is an abundance of information available about job boards and general recruitment strategies, dedicated resources specifically focused on career sites are scarce. That's why we're here to fill that gap.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary (2013 - 2023), we have created this blog to share the valuable insights we've gained throughout the years. With our experience working alongside 250+ North American employers and analyzing over 200 million seeker visits, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed. Our goal is to inspire you to transform your career site into a talent magnet by effectively communicating your employer brand to a wide audience and converting candidates into successful hires.

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